Sleep In’s second edition brought us incredible bedroom designs

Sleep In’s second edition brought us incredible bedroom designs

Sleep In’s second edition took place at the Fort São João Baptista, in Foz do Douro, Porto, between 26 May and 4 June. For those who don’t know the concept yet, it consists in having 12 professionals of the interior design and architecture fields exposing their work during 10 days. The thing is, the professionals are invited to receive a fictitious character suggested by the organization of the event and create a design inspired by it. Get to know all the characters the designers and architects had to impersonate through a bedroom design, here.


Why was this event do important to Shine Home?

Shine home was part of this event. Our products were used by some of the designers in their projects. Take a look at the list of the products featured by each brand:



- Duvet Orionis in white

- Gamma bath set in white with navy and pink powder details

- Sheet Set (powder pink)

D. Ginha:

- Duvet Pegasi in white

- Beta bath set in taupe, black, and pearl


Cristina Archer:

- Duvet Caliope in white with marine scroll

- Sheet set Caliope in white with marine scroll


Daisy Dias:

- Duvet Minkar in white

- Sigma bath set in white


Ana Lobo:

- Duvet Arietis in taupe

- Beta bath set in Bordeaux and taupe

- Alfa Robe in Bordeaux and taupe


Paula Laranjo:

- Duvet Arietis in gray

- Sigma bath set in gray and white


Maria da Paz:

- Duvet Eridani in white

- Aquarii bath set in white with gray corrugated rod

- Alfa Robe in white


Nuno Ribeiro:

- Duvet Aurigae in white

- Gamma bath set in white with gray scroll


This kind of events is what makes the interior design and decor world incredible! And we love to be a part of this projects. Hope you liked this article. 


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